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    I've been trying to figure out whether to use http://www or just http:// as the access URL. Does it matter? And if so, what are the benefits of either? Hope this question makes sense. Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Chloe,

    I use http://www just because that's what most people are used to typing in. I don't really think it matters which you use, just that you decide on one.


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    Yep, pick one. The url doesn't matter so much as the consistency of what you use.

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    I use Hostgator, and they automatically configure my URLs without the www. They also set up automatic redirects (can't think of the type off the top of my head) so if anyone types my URL with the www they still get to my site. When I used Dreamhost, it was the opposite. All my URLs had the www, but if you left it out, you still got to the right place. I suspect most other hosts are set-up much the same.
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    Thanks so much everyone!! I appreciate it!

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    When I advertise I always put www. as I think that's what your average person knows. But your website should be set up so that someone can just type in your domain with or without the http or www and still go to your site.

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    I have been using Dynadot hosting, they configure my website without www. Its okay to me.


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