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    Hi guys,

    Sorry about the vague title of this post. I thought I'd put this question out there to all of you who are members of this rather special membership site.

    I was thinking of doing a W.S.O. (warrior special offer) on warrior forum this is a great way to increase traffic by the way.

    As I was looking through all the W.S.O.'s that are currently on there and a something struck me, in the
    'war room' (a paid part of the forum)most of the guys that are members there are hardened internet marketers.

    There lays the problem - my ebook which I was going to put on there as a W.S.O is aimed at the 'newcomer' to internet marketing.

    So there's the question, would I be wasting my time putting my ebook on the there? by the it's $37 to join the 'war room' and $20 every W.S.O.

    Love to know your thoughts on this guys.


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    Well, first I would disagree with the "hardened Internet marketer" stereotype. There's lots of newbies on the Warrior Forum, even in the War Room. I'm a member, and I'm not far from being a noob myself.

    And WSOs aren't limited to the War Room. They're available publicly, so you'd be putting it out there for everyone, not just the more experienced marketers. In fact, it seems like a lot of the WSOs I see are aimed at the new guys, though I admit I don't spend a lot of time there, so I might be wrong about that.
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    Thanks for your reply Cindybidar,

    You know what I' think I'm going to take the plunge and put it up there, I was just being a little too cautious I think You say that you don't spend a lot of time on there - I personally think that is a wise move.

    Simply because you can and will end up browsing for literally hours on there and not get any productive work done (this is bad).

    So I tend to limit my time not just on there but on forums in general. I have 3 or 4 that I visit almost daily and spend 15mins on there post something or answer someone's question and I'm gone.

    You say that you are a newbie yourself? I hope you take advantage and grab a copy of my ebook 'mindset for successs' you can un-subscribe when you get it 'if you like'.


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    Article ghostwriter,

    Thanks for that that really great advice, I will take the 'golden nugget' from your post and implement it when I'm creating my sales pitch.

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    I wish to echo the points already made here. Even a "seasoned" marketer could use some pointers on mindset. You could also make your report very valuable if you offer resale rights or plr rights to it.

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    Thanks for that really great idea of offering my ebook with plr and resale rights hey why not go the whole hog and offer Master resale rights to it as well.

    I'm sooo glad I made this post because you are all so helpful on here and have some great ideas.

    Thanks again everyone.


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    You should pay the $37 anyway because its a very modest one time fee for like a 20 year membership and there is some good content inside the War Room.
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    Steve Gilbert Guest


    Mike, you have a great looking site!

    I second the idea of plr rights as it appears to be a hot topic these days.



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