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Thread: what are the "rules" when using news articles for posts?

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    Default what are the "rules" when using news articles for posts?

    I want to have a current news section on one of my blogs using articles from newspapers and other online sources like trade magazines. (Not ezine type articles).

    What are the rules with this kind of stuff? I'm sure there are exceptions, but generally speaking, am I good as long as I give attribution?

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    constance Guest


    I think the best thing to do is to summarize it with your spin or angle or opinion, then link to the original if a reader wants the entire article, as opposed to copying the article verbatim, which you might not have been intending. Of course, there are ways to use an RSS feed of news sites too. With all of this, you have to wonder if people will click away from your site too often. I'm sure there's a best practice ... but I don't know it.

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    aladamapee Guest


    The rules applied for article is unique content, that must be copy scape. When the whole article on niche choose should be summarized in a like way that the summary consist of whole article message for the readers.

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    I agree with the others above. Summarize, add your own input, link to full article. You want original text, for seo reasons in addition to the legal reasons.

    I subscribe to a science/nature news feed. Every day it sends me an email containing links to articles all over the web. It's wonderful, new content ideas are dropped right in my lap, so I don't have to go looking for them.

    My reviews of other's articles are often quite brief, just a few paragraphs. Many of my most popular pages are these little reviews of other people's articles, because the reviews address topics lots of people are interested in and searching for.

    I wouldn't worry about the traffic you'll be sending off by the links to the articles. Everybody will leave your site at some point. Focus on bringing them in with lots of reviews on lots of hot topics.

    Speaking of hot topics...

    According to Google, for awhile I was one of the world's leading authorities on "homosexuality in animals", which is a surprisingly popular subject.

    This little one paragraph page hooked a good bit of traffic.

    I've since slipped to page two, but am hoping my tiny review of giant sperm and the world's largest penis may put me back on top.

    I once had the number one ranking on Google for armadillo sex, but then got pushed aside when I bragged about this on Allan Gardyne's forum, and that post then outranked my own site. Dang!

    Thanks to me, this forum will now rank well for porn searches. I think I'm gonna ask Lynn for a raise.


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