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Thread: My Online Business...???

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    Going with Steve on this one and will say that for me personally once I quit trying to do everything and sign up for everything and just focus on one niche that is when I started to see success. It's amazing what focusing on one thing can do for you. Like Lynn says all the time, take it from start to profit. Then you can move on and work on other stuff.

    I think you are trying to go in to many directions, following too many 'guru's' and buying too many products. If you take one of your niches and focus on it and only buy products that fit with your current goals, I believe you can make it work.

    If you would like to brainstorm we can do that. Another thing I would recommend is that you look at joining Lynn's elite group when it re-opens. I know Gary is/was a member and hopefully he'll give you a hint on how great it is and get you signed up when it opens up again. You will get more hands on, one on one help in the elite group and it can take your business to the next level if you want it to.

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    I'd guess CJ already knows he needs links. He probably already knows he needs keyword researched link text too. But yet, for some reason, he's not doing it.

    I can relate, because I'm in a very similar situation. I thoroughly understand the value of keywords, how to get them, and how to use them. I've known all this for years.

    But, I often don't bother....

    So, you could be a big expert, and you could tell me I should do keyword research, and I will nod enthusiastically in agreement, and then probably ignore you. Oops!

    In my case, I probably need a book/site/forum where a variety of people describe their keyword successes in detail.

    You found a long tail keyword. You saw it gets 500 searches a month. You optimized a page for this keyword, and optimized your links with the keyword as well. You got to the number one position, and now get 250 visitors a month from that keyword.

    I need to hear this success story, more than once.

    You actually did this work, you carefully documented and tested it. You aren't just repeating something you memorized out of the group consensus.

    In other words, I need more than knowing about keyword research theory, I need to be sold on the reality of it.

    And, as we've already discussed, I need to focus, not have so many things on my plate.

    In my case, it's programming, not IM ebooks, that distract my focus from marketing, but the result is the same. Too many irons in the fire. A greedy grab for everything, resulting in getting nothing.

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    Very interesting thread, from another one who gets very UNfocused and overwhelmed with all the possibilities.

    I, too, understand the significance of keywords and backlinks but GETTING those backlinks always seems like a daunting task.

    Don't even through in the idea of needing keywords IN the backlink've just lost me there...

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    Christina, do you mean that the "technical side" of having your keywords in your backlinks confuses you?

    Here is an example:

    I will build a backlink to Angie's weight loss site. I assume Angie would not mind having a backlink with "weight loss journey" as a keyword phrase. :-)

    In my site I could write something like this:

    I go and check Angie's <a href="">weight loss journey</a> at least two times a week!
    I made the phrase "weight loss journey" a link to Angie's site. If this were a real thing, Angie would now have a backlink to her site with "weight loss journey" as keywords. I do not know if Angie targets that keyword, but at least it is relevant to her site.

    In Wordpress you of course do not need the html code...

    Another scatterbrain here :-)

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    Default Thank You All

    Just wanted to say thank you all for all of your input and for those of you who said that "Stay Boosted" was a little "Blah" please take a look at it now and let me know what you think I've changed it up a little bit!!

    I'm trying to do what it takes and I want to say thank you again to everyone involved in this thread it has helped a lot!!

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    CJ, just a word to salute you for your courage, putting yourself on the line as you did here. Best of luck!

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    I too am in the same boat CJ. too much going on, not enough results from all the tidbits here and there. I get bored easily too which doesn't help. I am impatient and often the 2 can gang up on me causing a ton of missed productive days that could have been used. I have been doing this for a few years too and feel like I need an accountability partner or something to be able to achieve what I think I should be doing but am not.

    I have taken some notes down from here thanks to Cindy and Engage. I am going to try to draft a new plan and keep it simple(what a concept!).

    All the best!

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    There are several websites that allows you to earn money. Some people do blogging because it will allow them to generate money through their ads while others write articles for other people.

    It all depends as to what your work passion is. Think of something you'll love to do then you'll be satisfied. I tried blogging, article writing as well found it interesting since writing is one of my interest also.


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