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Thread: Anyone use/heard of Site Build It?

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    Thanks for the honest answers everyone.

    Denise, thanks for all the info. Can you tell me a little more about your experience. How is your site doing that you built using SBI? What was your experience level prior to building that site?
    Do you work for SBI?

    Thanks again


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    Hi Meenu

    I found out about SBI in 2006. I wanted to learn to build websites and was researching the information. As I learned, I became more and more fascinated by the whole thing.

    I had a previous background in Marketing (offline) and what stood out as superior about SBI compared to other products was that SBI talked about results. I knew first hand that anyone can create something that looks good (like a brochure), but unless it actually generated sales or created leads, it wasn't worth the paper it was printed on.

    SBI offered proof of success and it had a guarantee (nobody else did any of these things). I was interested in getting results, so leaned toward SBI.

    Sitesell's site offered so much information in terms of results and effectiveness, that I figured there had to be some truth in it. Otherwise, they wouldn't be putting it out there. :-)

    But it was the guarantee that got me. I figured if all the material on Sitesell's sales pages *was* bunk, I could get my money back, no questions asked. So I decided to give it a try.

    It took me awhile to come up with a subject for my site, but I finally just picked something so I wasn't wasting any more time. Knowing what I know now, it wasn't the best topic for monetization, but I reasoned back then that it would be my learning site. (Please do not ask me to reveal my URL here because I am here in an official capacity and wish to maintain my privacy.) Suffice it to say, now I know that my topic attracts a lot of children who have no money. :-)

    Technically, all I knew about the Net when I started was how to surf and how to use email.

    Fast forward - I worked very hard on my site. I did hit a period of time where I got very frustrated because it didn't seem like it was working. This may be the point other people quit. I took a break and got back up after a couple weeks. Funny, but it was about two months later when the flood gates opened and my site started taking off.

    In August 2007, I had about 1000 visitors a day when Sitesell released Content 2.0. It is a module that lets others write pages for your site and interact with each other. I implemented it on my site and a year later, my traffic had grown to 2000 visits a day and my site had expanded to about 2000 pages.

    Somewhere in between, my husband got ill and I was forced to quit working on the site. Then one thing after another started happening which prohibited me from working on it. So up until recently, that site has been growing on its own with just my visitors submitting pages. I edit and approve them.

    Today, I'm up to 3000 visits a day+, have over 3100 pages on my site, with about 300 sitting in queue that have to be read and approved. The income I earn from the site rivals my father's pension, which took him 30 years to acquire. It took me 3 years.

    What you have to realize is I don't pay for traffic, I don't do much work and I receive checks every month.

    It's hard to believe, but the income keeps steadily growing, as does the traffic. That's the snowball that is discussed in the Action Guide.

    Problem is, many people quit before they reach the snowball phase and give up, and which is why you find the reviews you've seen here.

    I didn't listen to SEOers and naysayers. I listened to Ken Evoy. I worked very hard. When it seemed I wouldn't find ways to monetize, I still didn't quit, yet now I have checks flowing in every month.

    I made every mistake under the sun, some of which are still there on my site. I have made mistakes that should have devastated my business, but after a short time, "pop!" my site rises back up and keeps floating at the top of the search engines. I should have gone out and gotten back links like Engage advises, but I didn't. Instead, people started linking to me on their own. I should have picked a better topic, but I didn't. I still make money. I should have done a million things better, but I didn't and I still have a very nice little business.

    All I can say I did right is- I worked hard and didn't quit.

    As far as the fee - I consider that I only paid the fee once. My site has always generated enough income to pay for itself and *then some.* My business began to be be profitable in about eight months.

    Yes, I work for Sitesell part time now.

    Whether SBI is right for you is for each person to decided for themselves. It isn't for everybody. Not everyone is going to like it. I have found that every word and every promise is true. But there is a guarantee in case it's not a good fit for you.

    I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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    Here's the key sentence in Denise's story.

    All I can say I did right is- I worked hard and didn't quit.
    This is where the battle will be won or lost.

    In your head.

    Denise did a good job of sharing how psychologically challenging publishing on the net can be, because you do the work first, and get the money later.

    If you observe the webmaster world from your objective vantage point of not yet being totally immersed in our culture, you will see....

    Just about everybody on every webmaster forum will nod in agreement with the idea that the battle is won or lost in our heads.

    But we don't really mean it. We don't.

    You can see this for yourself just by taking note of what we actually spend our time talking about.

    Webmaster culture has been conditioned by vendors and commissioned sales people to obsess about tools and tactics, tools and tactics, tools and tactics, because those are the things that can be sold for a profit.

    You still have a chance to escape this mindset, before you are sucked head long in to it, like the rest of us.

    All I can say I did right is- I worked hard and didn't quit.
    Thus, the right question might be...

    What environment will best support your ability to work hard and not quit?

    The thing is, you are what matters. And you are the expert on you, not us.

    We know more than you about tools and tactics, but that doesn't really help much, because that's not what's going to determine your success.

    As example, imagine this...

    Suppose I really wanted to be a famous book author. And so I started asking everybody to show me the best place is to buy a typewriter and typing paper. Wrong question, right?

    You're clearly intelligent. Take it for granted that whatever tool you choose, you'll make it work. Make a confident assumption that however you go about it, you will learn the necessary basic tactics, because you surely will.

    If you're going to spend money, and if you think you might need help working hard and not quitting, spend your money on that.

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    thankyou for the info, it is truely helpfu.


    "You're clearly intelligent. Take it for granted that whatever tool you choose, you'll make it work. Make a confident assumption that however you go about it, you will learn the necessary basic tactics, because you surely will."

    that is so profound,
    I thank you for that.



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