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Hi Tom,

I agree, you've got a really nice looking site, very professional. You have obviously put a lot of work into it.

A few thoughts in addition to what has already been mentioned ~

Your opt in could be a little more compelling. To me it is rather lost in the header. I also think people are more inclined to sign up if they can enter their name & e-mail right then and there. Plus, an arrow highlighting the opt in adds more of an incentive to people to sign up (steers them in the right direction).

You don't have a strong message or call to action above the fold. What is the primary, one message that you want to say to your visitors when they land on your site?

You have a fair number of visitors, but without sales it seems as if they are content seekers, not buyers. I believe in using both content keywords and buy keywords. Have you researched the long tail buy keywords and created posts based on them? Each post or page should focus on one keyword phrase and give one message or call to action to your reader.

Motocross is a very competitive keyword phrase (19,800,000 competing pages). Have you drilled down to find the related, lower competition keyword phrases and worked at ranking for them?

This seems like it is a passion for you and you have put so much into this site. I think with some changes it could be very successful. Keep us posted & good luck!
Ok, I'll have my brother help me with the opt-in. Should I put that on the top of the sidebar, or what? I've researched keywords for almost all of my articles... I just need to add more backlinks to them to get higher rankings. Thanks!