This is for Wordpress Marketers(Most of Us)

I recently found "Socrates" which is a premium wordpress theme(which means you have to pay for it) while looking for a product to promote in clickbank.

As I often do with clickbank products, I purchased it to see if it was a quality product and therefore worth promoting.

"Socrates" is both.

"Socrates" is a theme developed for Internet Marketers by Internet Marketers.

I will start with their sales page. It is excellent from the standpoint that you don't need to read a thing if you don't want to. The video does all the heavy lifting and does a wonderful job of showing all the features of the product. Also a nice marketing technique, the video I mean.

My favorite feature is one that I have been looking for in Wordpress for a long time, and that is the "Ad Rotater" I know there are plugins for this but it is great to have it "built in" to the theme. This allows you to place your own html ads in a rotation with 2 clickbank ads that are pre-supplied. You just enter your clickbank id (if you have one) in the appropriate spot in the admin area and you are all set.

That brings me to the admin panel. All "Socrates" setup is done from a link on the dashboard labled (What else?) "Socrates"

Once you click that link you get the "Socrates" admin panel which allows you to control the different areas of the theme.

Those areas are. Layout, Navigation, Styling, Header and Background. These are all areas that I used to have to go into the .css file to control. ( I have been away from Wordpress for a while though so some of this has changed) There is no need to edit the stylesheet to make any of these changes.

Another feature that is lacking in most Content Management Systems is Header Control. I see this question asked a lot in forums. "How do I change my header graphic ?" It is the first thing most of us do when loading a new theme and is handled beautifully within "Socrates". There are lots of header designs to choose from and they are organized much like a theme download site in niche or style order like Business, People, Textures... You can even upload your own headers and it tells you what size to make it with an upload area.

Other marketing features include a Social Media slider (Haven't tried this yet)
Up to 4 custom Navigation bars.
A leader board area at the top to put adsense or banners(This is not the rotator)
A spot to put in your clickbank Id so you can make money off people interested in purchasing Socrates. I noticed the link does not work if you don't have a clickbank id selected ( I think this is a bug) The link is at the bottom of the page where people are used to looking for the design of the theme if they like what they see and want it for their own site. I would Highly recommend anybody purchasing this theme to get a clickbank account to take advantage of this.

Those are the main marketing features that I liked and the rest are layout and styling features and all pretty easy to figure out and implement.

For new users there is support once you purchase in the way of tutorials and videos. I didn't need them so I did not view them and therefore can't offer an opinion on them at this time. But the tutorials are not limited to the theme and include internet marketing tutorials as well.

I installed the theme on only one of my sites to check it out. The site is Instead of placing a blatant affiliate link here in the post, I will just tell you to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the word "Socrates" in the bottom Right Corner and you will be taken to the sales page with my clickbank ID embedded (Which you don't see unless your eyes are very fast)

I hope you enjoy this review and add to it if you use or purchase it.


Socrates was a great Thinker, Philosopher and Teacher. I hope this theme will honor his name.