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Have you gotten your Fanpage or your Twitter Parties Rocking and Rolling yet? Just in case you missed these two super special offers I have been running over at the Warrior Forum I wanted to shoot you a quick note to give you a heads up!

Here is what people like John Collins are saying about the deals I have up right now:

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OMG! Tina you're taking Gold and selling it like it's Pyrite (a.k.a. "Fools Gold"). Have you been out in the sun too long again? I paid full price for these and geez Tina a person would greatly benefit from this but starting this at this price.

I know Tina always gives more bang for the buck for your hard earned money and I haven't seen a time Tina didn't over deliver on my expectations. But this is insane. All I can say is yes it's an awesome offer you put together Tina. I know you like to get good info to people just starting out or have financial limitations. Perhaps you overdosed on your Know-Like-Trust pills just before you put up this offer. If anyone is wondering if this is as good as it sounds, it's Better. Don't worry why Tina went crazy insane with the price just get this before Tina wakes up or the 72 hours is up.

On June 4th, Maria and I will be official starting the Social Marketing Certification program so that Elite Group will get access to the first in a series of EZ Social Marketing Mastery sites. Each site is based off one of the original Fanpage, Twitter, LinkedIn or Social Marketing programs that we had available and each site is relaunching with BRAND NEW 2.0 content (in some over 30 video, PDF's Worksheets and more!)

BUT...if you are a current member of one of these sites, you get access to it all!

Are you In or are you Out?

Here are the links to get you in right now at the lowest rock bottom pricing there have been:

===> http://www.TinasWSO.com (for the 24/7 Fanpage Product)

===>http://www.TwitterTinaswso.com (for the Twitter Products)

You have a small window of opportunity to get in and get it all because once we close these offers the relaunch prices will be significantly higher!

Just want to give you a heads up!

Keep Building Your Communities Strong!
Tina, KLT Coach