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Thread: How to layout advertisement?

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    fasisi Guest

    Default How to layout advertisement?


    I am thinking to rent advertisement spaces on my website.
    Is there any guide on how to place the ads properly.

    Thank you

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    The only guide that comes to mind is Joel Comm's "Adsense Secrets", but that is (obviously) referring to Google Adsense. Having said that, there may be some information that is helpful for your needs. Hopefully other members of the forum have other suggestions; I'd be interested in knowing as well. Thanks for this thread.



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    Steve Gilbert Guest


    Well, one suggestion would be to describe your website, list your URL, your traffic count and your advertising rates in a post on this forum. I know I'm looking for good places to run adverts and likely others here are also.


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    fasisi Guest

    Default This is my website

    My website is a market of programmers. A place for people who need software meet people who make software.

    The URL is

    Traffic count. Averaging about 20 visitors each day.

    Advertising rates. There are 2 rates: IDR 300.000/6 months for large advertisement. and IDR 150.000/6 months for smaller advertisement.

    Is that information helpful?


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    Steve Gilbert Guest


    Thank you and I appreciate the information.
    All the best,

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    Joel Comm’s ‘Adsense Secrets’ is a good book to refer in this matter. There might be other information on the internet too. Hope members of this forum have any suggestions.

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