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Thread: Niche Sites Based on Travel - How to Monetize?

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    brendan Guest

    Default Niche Sites Based on Travel - How to Monetize?

    I like traveling, and there are some places I'd like to go and do sites on. What are some good ways to monetize the site?
    Does anyone know of any reputable travel related affiliate programs?

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    JohnKoen Guest


    Are you planning on setting up a destination type of site or just a general travel site? There are a few affiliate programs and some CPA offers but it depends on who your visitor is and what they are looking for.

    I have a couple of travel related sites. I've found that it really depends on the type of visitor you bring to the site as to how they will respond to offers. Most are just looking for information.

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    Affiliate programs and Google Adsense would be the more common routes.

    Also, Google Chris Guillibaeu's blog, he's a travel blogger you might find interesting. He also has affiliate programs for his products which you could promote to earn money.

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    Affiliate programs and Google Adsense are the best solutions. There are many blogs on the internet that offer payments in return for the promotion of products on their sites.


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