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Thread: What is the best blog commenting software?

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    I use a combination of Matthew's Google search method AND a few LinkedIn groups I belong to that focus around either my geographic location (a big part of my business exists off-line) and/or my key focus areas.

    Also, the easiest thing you can do to get your comments approved (IMO) is include the blogger's name and 1 key point from the post itself.

    Addressing someone by name and actually making a valid point? Priceless!

    PS I've also struggled with the "poof, my brilliant (read: lengthy) comment just disappeared!" thing - thanks to the wonderful Denise O'Berry... I now copy EVERYTHING before I hit 'submit' - that way I can try one more time. If it happens again, I figure the issue is with their spam blocker software - and I move along...
    Trish Nichols
    Feed Your Blog

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    Blog Comment Demon is one such software. The trick is to avoid spamming, and type in the comment manually. If it is approved by the moderator, it will increase link credibility.

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    josaphlewis Guest


    Blog commenting is a very useful form of marketing and works great for achieving .edu and .gov links, getting these links you can get stable constant traffic to your eBook download page as well. i need the paid version of Fast Blog Finder.

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    nickelodon007 Guest


    Generally i don't like using software for blog commenting i like doing it on my own, but my personal favorite one is Scrapbox.

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    I have to agree that these days the only way the moderator will allow your comment and link, is if you contribute to the blog post. Automated commenting software just won't do the trick. Don't go and spend money, rather just spend so me time everyday commenting on a few blogs yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adamtaylor View Post
    Don't go and spend money, rather just spend so me time everyday commenting on a few blogs yourself.
    I guess it depends on how valuable your time is to you. For me, my time is too valuable not to spend a few bucks. It also would depend on how many sites you are working on. If you have one site, sure do it manually. If you have 50, forget it.

    Scrapebox is a godsend. Not to mention it does so much more than just commenting. You combine it with a couple of other tools, and you have a pretty powerful SEO combination.

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    I think it is very likely your comment created by software would be deleted because it is not related to blog's content

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