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Thread: AFFCON Denver June 21-23

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    Default Thoughts?

    Anyone get to day 1?

    Some quick thoughts:

    Really rough and shaky start to day one registration. Some technical snafu prevented the issuing of badges. It got ironed out, but another one when the breakout sessions started. Quite a bit of confusion with signage. Breakout rooms were listed as #1 #2 #3, but no signs indicating which was which. Again, it got worked out, mostly by the creativeness and cooperation amongst the audience. I don't expect any issues for day 2.

    Joel Comm was the keynote first thing in the morning, but he got delayed an hour or so, but in the end, worth it. He presented more fun and motivation than hard core knowledge, but it was just what the crowd needed.

    Funny thing was standing in line with him at the pizza place down the street. Same guy off the stage, as on. Seemed very real and down to earth.

    The exhibit hall was rather sparse, especially in the morning, but the afternoon had more energy. Quite a bit of "hard selling" but two booths were well worth the visit. Clickbank had coffee, and offered up free educational materials to all who opted-in and had door prizes for additional. Very personable, professional staff.

    My favorite was a gentleman named Chris Ellington from Distribute Your Articles .
    He was very personable, shared some terrific info, and made me want to learn more.

    My favorite session was the Blog, Article and Copywriting session just after lunch. It featured some very upbeat and knowledgeable speakers that really brought the content alive.

    Evening events include lots of networking. I opted to go home, but I bet I missed quite a bit of valuable info and networking from the participants. I did meet one falla this morning who told quite a story. Very inspirational for me.

    Going back tomorrow, keynote speaker is ShoeMoney!

    Your thoughts?

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    I was registered, but this weekend our basement started leaking through the walls. So my plans for going downtown got washed away. (pun intended)

    I'm pretty sure that Clickbank hosts this conference every year. I'll be there next year.


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    CarolGiambri Guest


    What's link again? Maybe I can get there tomorow? How many days left? Thanks.


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