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Thread: Can a free report become a website?

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    Default Can a free report become a website?

    I asked this question of Lynn in an email and she asked me to post it here. Here's what I said

    I was reading your report about choosing a domain name. As I was doing so, I researched domain names of various things that I'm doing and I researched variations of the name of one of the reports that I created "Choosing The Best Stand Mixer for YOU"

    While doing so, I noticed the domain name was available (not anymore) and as I was thinking about it, I wondered if I could aggregate the report into a website.

    For instance I could have pages of the best stand mixers: for beginners, for bread bakers, for foodies, stand mixer accessories, well as a place for people to download the report if they wanted.

    Would that be an ecommerce site? What do you think?

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    If you were going to be posting links for products to be purchased than yes that would be an ecommerce site. If you are just using affiliate products to promote, I would see if you could set it up as an Amazon a store or a popshops store. These are both easy enough to set up and should have a ton of things to choose from. Popshops may be a better option for you considering what you want to market because there are tons of affiliate programs in that one network they work with.

    This sounds like a good idea though. I wouldn't mind checking out your site when it is done.

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    Default Can't everything be a web site?

    Hey Nelson!

    I think anything can be turned into a web site. In the old days (LOL!) as a technical writer, we called this "single sourcing." This is because we only wanted to write information one time and then blast it out into all kinds of formats (online help systems, training materials, etc.).

    It's still the same today. In other words, anything (and everything) can become a web site or a business endeavor.


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