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Thread: Clickbank and Sales Tax

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    Default Clickbank and Sales Tax

    I'm hoping to start developing some products to sell but am trying to wrap my head around how Clickbank works.

    I know I've ordered products in the past and always have to indicate what county I live in so the right sales tax can be calculated.

    Is this done automatically, as a condition of selling via clickbank?

    Does clickbank then send me (vendor) the entire amount (including sales tax) and then I pay the sales tax to state?

    TIA for helping me clear my head


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    I don't think Clickbank charges sales tax. They might charge it when the buyer is from the same state as they are located in, but I think that would be the only case. Regardless, its calculated automatically, so you don't have to worry about it.

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    Technically, you are not selling the product. Clickbank is. So when sales tax (or VAT) is due, CB adds it on to the price of the product, and then charges the customer. You don't have to pay any of it.

    Sales tax is collected from any purchases made from several states - New York and North Carolina among them.


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