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    Here's an idea that might be good for somebody.

    I was searching YouTube yesterday for "word of mouth advertising" and came across this YouTuber in the results.

    Didn't do me a lot of good as she's really not about word of mouth.

    Her videos appear to be about fashion, beauty products and other teen girl kinda things. Not my territory, but she's cute, so poked around a bit. I noticed the other Tubers she's subscribed to, and they seem to be other girls with the same interests, which makes sense.

    And then the idea came.

    If somebody followed this trail on YouTube, and found all the gals talking about beauty stuff, they could quickly make a big site just by uploading all these videos to their own site.

    Then set up a forum and invite all the girls to come and create a clubhouse. Become part of their world, join their network.

    Then build upon the foundation with your own unique content, affiliate links, Adsense etc.

    There are probably hundreds of different topics that could be approached in this way.

    On my nature site I've noticed that, IF you have enough links, pages that have just a title, brief description and video do bring in traffic. That site gets around 700 visitors a day, and few of the pages are what I'd call real articles.

    Hope that's helpful to somebody somehow.

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    billdotd Guest


    I've seen some programs using this strategy (a collection of Youtube videos) to create MFA sites. Your twist on using the videos as a base and then adding original content is interesting...

    Not really my type of niche though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by probafix View Post
    There are many paths you can take to build a website, but many of them require payment.
    And some are free.

    It's easy to create a free website on hosting platforms such as Blogger or, but space and options are limited, and you're stuck with a pre-existing domain name (such as "").
    And some of the free solutions solve these problems too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by billdotd View Post
    Your twist on using the videos as a base and then adding original content is interesting...
    I had in mind new comers who are wrestling with getting their first sites up. This might be a way to get off the ground fast, and keep the motivation rolling.

    It could also be a strategy for someone who isn't that comfortable with writing original articles. YouTube is great, but because anybody can upload anything, it's also a massive junk pile. I think there's a role to play for a video editor that selects out just the best videos in a niche, and organizes them in to an interface that's easier to use than YouTube. (Why do the richest companies always have the worst interfaces???)

    Quote Originally Posted by billdotd View Post
    Not really my type of niche though!
    What? You don't want to show us your outfit of the day??

    Seriously, this could probably work in a wide variety of niches, YouTube is about everything, eh?

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    Here's another one along the same lines.

    Many Flickr users will allow you to republish their images if you link back to their Flickr profile, giving them credit for the image.

    You can use this page to search within only these kind of Flickr images.

    If images are relevant for your topic, you could probably create dozens pages a day this way.

    Basic SEO is a good idea. Give the image file a relevant name, put the same text in the alt tag. Give the page a keyword rich title, and maybe include a quick sentence description. Finally, lots and lots of links of course.


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