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Thread: Looking for Money/Credit/Debt Experts to Interview

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    Default Looking for Money/Credit/Debt Experts to Interview

    Hi everyone.

    One of my clients wants 10 audio interviews with experts on the subject of money, credit and debt. Anything about saving money, living frugally, etc is great.

    If you are an expert in any of these subjects OR if you KNOW of anyone who fits this bill, please send me an email at

    Even if you've found a great blog on any of these topics, feel free to send that along

    More project details will be shared with the interviewees after you contact me.

    Thanks so much!

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    I haven't read my Google Reader in a while but here are a few that I added in there so they must had some good information.
    Glennette Goodbread
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    The absolute best guy in this niche is Leo Quinn. He incorporates common sense, humor, savvy, and teaches money making and money saving basics. His site is How to Own Your Own Paycheck is a classic in my eyes...
    Best for now,

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    Thanks Glennette & Mary!

    If anyone has other ideas I'd be happy to take them

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    Hey... Christina.. I sent you a email.

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    Still looking for about 4 more money expert bloggers.

    Mary, I interviewed Leo Quinn and he was great! Thanks so much for the suggestion.

    I also interviewed our own Andreaa

    These can be bloggers or authors...basically people who know their stuff or have creative solutions to saving money or living frugally or getting out of credit card debt.

    This is a much tougher job than I thought, finding interview subjects. Thanks for your help!

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    Have you tweeted your request? Might get you the last 4 you need.

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    Yes, I've twittered, facebooked, and posted this request to other forums with very little luck.

    Kind of an isolating (and frustrating) experience but I'm just back to the doing good ol' google research

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    Default Dwayne Samples, Amplify Advisors in Atlanta

    Hi Christina,

    Dwayne Samples in north Atlanta is the guy we use. He is a Dave Ramsey preferred provider, very down-to-earth and real, very smart (think he is/was a CPA).

    He writes for his own blog and posts on Twitter,so you won't have to reinvent the wheel for him.

    Please tell that I recommended him!

    Good luck,
    Anita Hampl


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