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    After I blog I put my blog on both Facebook and Twitter but notice that because so many others are Fb'ing Twitting... my blog link is gone in a couple hours at best.... do you all repeat your links to your blogs? if so, how often? I am not sure if it's a one shot deal or not... I don't want to but people.?? So what do you all do? Paula

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    I don't usually tweet my links too much. I do have a separate Facebook 'fan' page where my blog posts are automatically set to show up BUT I also make sure to interact with my readers. I think if you don't overdo it, it would be fine.

    Engage your followers and readers and you'll have a ton more success than just posting your blog post links.

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    Honestly Angie, My facebook friends offer nothing, I have 125 friends/ family right now, and interact normally, but not one, not ever in two months visited my site, I created a fan club an invited them all and none responded........Obviously my crowd aren't a "healthy" bunch... seeing my site is about healthy eating. LOL

    My twitter is new and I only have 3 followers and I am following 3 and they are other organic sites and all they do is post like 10 tweets a day each.... that is why mine disappears so fast, not real people to interact with yet.......How do normal people find me on twitter and how does that FB fan page grow?

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    ren999222 Guest


    I use facebook often compared to using twitter. I have some 200+ friends in my facebook account. The advantage is that facebook allows you to view your friends profile, pictures, newsfeed and updates from friends.

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    I know.... patience.........But that is a good idea about asking my friends to share.... I'll do that. thanx. Paula

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    josaphlewis Guest


    Facebook is clearly the most popular social networking site; Twitter is firmly in second place. Facebook gives a better and attractive GUI in comparison to Twitter. These both social networking sites are useful for getting traffic.

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    I have been building up my twitter followers one a a time by doing this:

    I have set up searches for public tweets that contain my keyword phrases, and have them delivered to my google reader, so I can read through batches of tweets all at once that contain the phrase. Most of them are not useful, but now and again I will see a tweet from someone saying 'Can anyone recommend any books set in France to read?' or something like that. Then I reply to them with a link to my 'books set in France' page. More often than not, they are delighted and then follow me on twitter. Or sometimes we get into a discussion - all of which is what we want.

    So if you set up searches for tweets related to your niche, that's a good place to start.


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    nickelodon007 Guest


    I like Facebook more than Twitter as its a better for socializing as it has more users, which also makes it more useful in promotion too.

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    Wow, Suzi, that is a good idea.... how do I set up a tweet search? Do I do this on Twitter, or is this a google thing? and how do I deliver it to google reader??? Please help, I'd like to do that, would it work on facebook too?


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    Great Matthew... Thanks.....I will do that.



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