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Thread: How do you know what to charge for a new product

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    Question How do you know what to charge for a new product

    I started the concept for a new course a few years ago and have been putting everything together ever since I have everything done just putting it all in order ... It is going to be a 21 day personal development course with pdf's / audio / and possibly video... How do you tell what to charge for this??

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    I would compare similar product models and their pricing, and also research pricing on products in your niche specifically. The value of course goes on what the buyer gets out of the course, not in what you put into it.

    It sounds like a one-time price with the content being delivered all at once, or an interactive 3-week course but still all paid up front. Correct?
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    Content delivered Daily if I can figure out how to get it together! I've done so much but this is my biggest step and I feel stupid because even with everything I've done over the past few years I feel as if I don't know anything

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    CJ you have to just go for it. Get a plan in place, try it out and as you go along you'll figure it out (and will probably have to tweak it a few times!). You CAN do this!

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    Default Thank You Angie

    Seriously thank you angie and lynn and premier and everyone else on sswt for all the input over the last year! Angie I'm going to do just that!!

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    I agree that they best way to price is to find something similar and price accordingly. You also will need to price based on peers and not A-Listers who can ask higher prices. Another way to generate interest and some cash up-front might be to do a special launch that is a starter launch. So you sell 25 spots at a discount to get some folks in on the premise that once they start the program they can provide you with testimonials that you can than add to your existing sales page.

    Go for it! That's the biggest step!


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