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Thread: Can I Get SEO/Keyword Advice?

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    I would look to some of the other free keyword tools for additional insights and ideas. will give you a different take than Market Samurai because of methodologies and data.

    Also the Google Adwords tool can be revealing:

    Use a thesaurus to try different words that mean the same thing.

    I wouldn't try to optimize for words with massive competitors. The long-tail keywords are easier to dominate and often show more buying intent. One of my presentations, I talk about some realtor customers: a search of "Naperville real estate" could be motivated by anything. But when people search on "Naperville Cape Cod home with 3 bedrooms" that is likely a buyer.

    -- Kurt Scholle
    Kurt Scholle
    Web Asylum, Inc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeF421 View Post
    You have a couple of options for tracking your keyword rankings.
    I use for awhile, and thought it was nice. Pretty simple, 10 bucks a month, and responsive support.


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