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Thread: How To Subscribe To News Feeds Via Email?

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    Default How To Subscribe To News Feeds Via Email?

    Hi guys,

    I need your advice. Can you show me how to subscribe to a news feed via email?

    I have the feed URL.

    To explain, I hate all news reading applications. If that's the only way to get a feed, no feed interests me that much. No point in trying to teach me news readers.

    If you are willing to humor my ornery unreasonable bias, I will welcome your tutorial on how to receive a feed via email.

    Many thanks!

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    If the feed is served via FeedBurner - and if the site owner has opted to allow email - then the option to enter an email address will appear when you click the feed button on the site. The key is, the site owner has to specifically turn this option on. It's not available by default.
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    What email client do you use? Thunderbird and Gmail support feeds built in, as do other clients.

    You could also check out FeedMyInbox (5 feeds for free) at ...

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    Thanks for the speedy replies guys!

    Ok, in this case the feed is from Google, and I see no evidence they have enabled the email option. Thanks for that tip.

    Feedmyinbox looks very appropriate to my question. I just subscribed and confirmed the feed I wish to get. Thanks for that!

    Not sure if I will continue with them or not. Here's how their home page looks to me on Firefox 3.6.6.

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    Interesting - I'm on FF 3.6.6 also and it looks fine here...


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