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Thread: SEO question - Are caps best?

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    Default SEO question - Are caps best?

    HI All,

    I've missed you lately. Busy migrating my continuity program members to a membership site using Wish List Member. So far, I *love* it.

    Anyhow, I was reading on an eBay forum a post from a self proclaimed SEO expert that she thinks putting keywords in caps ranks the title for an eBay auction better on Google. I've not once heard Lynn mention this. Thoughts?

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    That's a really interesting question. I did a preliminary search, and most people seem to say it doesn't matter, but I didn't find a definitive source (like Google itself, or SEOmoz) who stated either yes or no.
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    From Jill Whalen...


    "Today's search engines are not case-sensitive; therefore I generally use initial caps in this tag because it looks the cleanest. I used to often use ALL CAPS in parts of my title tag because when the engines were case sensitive, it would give me a different variation of my phrase. However, ALL CAPS looks somewhat spammy in the SERPs, so I generally avoid this practice these days."


    It would be interesting to see if that person could back up their claim with definitive proof (ie results from a clean test).
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    Jill's article is from 2004 - I wonder if things have changed (again)?

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    I really don't think it matters.

    As a test: I get the same exact results when I search for "click here" as when I search for "CLICK HERE" and "CLICK here".
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