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Thread: SEO Fast Start v.s. Super Affiliate Handbook

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    Default SEO Fast Start v.s. Super Affiliate Handbook

    Hello All

    I'm new here. I'm finding that this is a great place to learn about affiliate marketing.

    I am currently working on fitness affiliate programs on clickbank since I've always been interested in fitness. I just did some work on SEO with my site since I wasn't really getting any traffic and selling very few items. I'm trying to stick with it and using as little money as possible.

    I've also tried PPC which didn't work out too well. At first I didn't get many clicks but one sale. Then ended up losing the sale cause I didn't sell enough.
    I tried again lately, got lots of hits but no sales.

    Does the "Super Affiliate Handbook" have that much up on the "SEO Fast Start" E-book? I'm looking more for the SEO instead of blowing money on PPC.

    I'm always skeptical about buying these making money books and get rich schemes. I've already gotten bitten on a couple of those make money mailing envelopes things and some ppc thing.

    Has any one had success with selling these fitness books? and will the Super Affiliate Handbook help me in this area of Affiliate Marketing?

    Thanks in advance.

    Thanks for creating this site Lynn. It's verrrrrry helpful.

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    I think both books are great. But as for the Super Affiliate Handbook, I only have the actual original hard cover book so I don't get all the updates that those who purchase the ebook do. But it's been a great book and I have gone back to it to review things a few times. As for SEO Fast Start, I love SEO and keyword research but this ebook was hard for me to follow however it has great info.

    These books are not schemes and if you're working on SEO, keyword research and affiliate marketing, I think you'll find them helpful. You can get a lot of great info here on the forum too and at Lynn's blog.

    Have you have seen Lynn's blog posts on the above two books?

    Super Affiliate Handbook review

    SEO Fast Start review

    I don't sell clickbank books but I have had success with selling healthy living/weight loss/fitness type books on Amazon. My main business model is affiliate marketing so happy to help if you have other questions.

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    Thanks for the info Angie

    I was thinking about getting the Super Affiliate Handbook but then I looked on amazon and the reviews are not good, but then people on here say it's good.

    It's a lot easier when you find all good or all bad reviews.

    I read the SEO Fast Start and thought it was pretty good for a free book. I used some of the tips from the book and updated my site but it will probably be a couple weeks before I can see if I'm getting any more hits or better rankings from it.

    Did the Super Affiliate Handbook help you improve your SEO Ranking? and help you get more traffic?
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    No the SAF book didn't help me improve my rankings but it does have good info in it. Again, I have the original hard cover so it has been updated many times over since I bought it. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. It is a good book but I think if you're up in the air about it...just wait it out and see what free info you can find for now.

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