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    Hello Elite Members

    I am submitting an article to Ezine and i want to add a link back to one another article on Ezine . How do i create an HTML link in my resorce box. An immediate reply awaited.


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    Hi, if you type it like this it should automatically hyperlink in EZineArticles - the underlining and blue font will be added for you.

    You can also use a shortener, I prefer

    On that page, place your URL including the http://, then click on "Choose a custom name" ; it will change to and you insert your desired words (such as "see this") and click on "Shorten".

    The green section will say :
    Here you go: and you can copy it into your resource box.

    ** The reason I like is that it is not as overused as, for example, and you have more flexibility in the suffix that you choose.

    Good luck, ask me if that didn't make sense to you!

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    Hi Anita

    Thanks a lot



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