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    Here's a little tip that might help somebody.

    Try to include images in your articles where ever appropriate, because image searches can be a powerful traffic source.

    I've been kind of amazed at some of the rankings I've gotten for what seem very popular search terms, without trying at all.

    For about a year I had the number one image search spot for "beatles" which brought in about 700 visitors a day.

    I have no idea why I got this ranking, as my site had nothing to do with the Beatles, I just mentioned them within an article. In this case, the traffic wasn't very useful, but sometimes it is.

    I currently have the number one image search spot for "hubble telescope" and number five for "earth". Much more useful for my nature site. However my site has no big focus on the Hubble, just a few pages. Don't ask me why I'm number one, I have no idea.

    Regrettably, I can offer no formula for success here, other than lots of links, and good luck.

    I'm just guessing, but the guess is that Google ranks images based on their popularity with users of Google image search. So if you can offer a compelling image that lots of people click on, you might win the image lottery too.

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    First of all, images make your site or blog more interesting and attractive for visiting. Especially if you place your own images or photos.

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    Images are important because it attracts your target reader to read your articles. You have to make sure that your images are appropriate or relevant to your article.


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