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Thread: Do I need to do keyword research for articles?

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    Default Do I need to do keyword research for articles?

    I need some help from the experienced members of this forum.I am new to internet marketing.I am promoting a clickbank product.I have built a squidoo lens related to my product.I choose the title and the main subtitles after doing a keyword research using the google adwords external.I choose long tail keywords having an exact monthly search of around 1000-2500.I thought if the search is narrower I might get good traffic I have submitted the url to social bookmarking sites and have written a few classified ads.My problem now is I just don't get any traffic! Maybe I went wrong with the keyword research or just did not build enough links.
    I did not write any articles yet. I am really scared about optimising the wrong keywords. Could someone please tell me how to do keyword research the right way(plz in simple steps.I have already gone crazy doing this for hours)Do I need to optimise on certain keywords while writing each of the 10 or more articles, while writing classifieds or while bookmarking?

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    Step 1. Calm down.

    Step 2. Calm down some more.

    Before we start freaking out worrying you optimized for the wrong keywords, let's talk about this.

    First of all, how old is your site that you setup? It can sometimes take weeks for Google to index a site. Have you checked to see if your site is indexed yet?

    Second, if your site is indexed, did you check to see where you are ranking for your targeted keywords? If you are not on the first page, don't expect much traffic. For a monthly search around 2500, if you are not in the first 3, don't expect much traffic.

    Also it can take weeks or even months for Google to pick up your backlinks from social bookmarking sites, and any other type of backlinks for that matter. Unless of course, you help point your links out to Google through things like pinging, RSS feeds, building backlinks to your backlinks, etc.

    Hope that helps a little.

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    Thanks Mike.

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    SEO without proper keyword research is just a time waste.. the first step for SEO is keyword research. SEO need patients , you can't get results over night. Article is not the only link building technique do some work on forums, blogs, press releases,social media sites.

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