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Thread: I Saw My Competitors' Websites...Now I'm Depressed

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    Thanks for your ongoing review Mike.

    Today's news, I set up tracking so I'll know which forms are generating the subs.

    A little detail of what I am looking at or about to look at is something I think your members would like.
    Yes, I hear you. Ideally we would have written a little story to go with each vid.

    3.) Is it possible to setup the videos to view them on your site rather than by download?
    Yes, I have some of the vids in flash, on other parts of the site already. Will move some in to member area, good suggestion!

    Also, I've come across quite a few people who would like your site, but couldn't unzip a file to save their life.
    I've added this text to the member area, in huge red letters.


    1.) I would make the font bigger and more noticeable for your signup. The text on the left side of the page is kind of small. Doesn't really grab someone's attention.
    I did wrestle with the compromises involved with the page header form, as my page header area now fills an entire screen.

    I agree a bigger presentation would be helpful.

    As discussed earlier, I'm considering creating a series of squeeze pages, each one optimized for a different keyword. Get a squeeze page in top 10, and then repeat the process, etc.

    Your thoughts?

    The main thing seems to be I would need a links strategy for these squeeze pages. Could be your techniques, a social site strategy, or something else. Seems I need to figure this out before proceeding.

    Or, return to focusing on developing my site.

    To get back on track with the educational value of this thread, would you consider listing the SEO apps you use here? You know, a quick list, all in one place. Name of app, and a sentence description. We can look up URLs and prices etc. Or not, as you wish.

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    Ok, I created a squeeze page. That is, a full page dedicated to obtaining signups to our newsletter. If interested, see sig.

    I see I am ranked number 2 in Google for "florida nature video", and that nobody is searching for "florida nature video", which seems a bit mysterious. Hmm...

    I'm considering the following....

    1) Create a copy of this squeeze page.

    2) Display the existing squeeze page content with javascript, so that it is not visible to search engines.

    3) Keyword research to find a relevant long tail phrase some folks are actually searching for.

    4) Put content optimized for that phrase at top of page, with javascript delivered signup form (existing squeeze page) below.

    5) Build links to page until I get page one ranking.

    6) Repeat.

    Feedback welcomed, thanks.

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    Thumbs up You show to be #1...

    I checked just now and you're #1! WOOHOO!

    What is your long term goal - i.e., what do you plan to sell to folks that join your list?

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    Yeah I feel the same way sometimes. But if you have better content then the people will keep coming back. Search engines don't rank on how good the site looks so thats a bonus. I have found many sites that look kind of boring but the content keeps me going back.


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