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Thread: Paying it forward is good for the soul

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    Default Paying it forward is good for the soul

    Hi all,

    This Saturday I'll ride my bike 150 kilometers for MS (Multiple-Sclerosis) research and treatment. It will be the 4th time I've participated in the bike tour and taking part in it has taught me a great deal about humility and the ability to be thankful for what I have.

    The first time I rode in the tour, I did it because my wife it was fun and she wanted me to join her. I also did to feel the personal achievement of completing the tour. At that first tour, I met a ton of people who either had their lives affected by MS or who actually had MS themselves.

    When I'm pedaling along, my back hurts, my legs are burning, my lungs are working hard and my knee caps feel like they're going to pop off, I think of the people that suffer from this disease and I shift gears and pedal harder.

    There's one guy that sticks out in my mind for obvious reasons...he was a very talented artist and it was his true passion. He could paint, he could draw, he'd made his pastime his profession and life was good...

    One morning he woke up and couldn't move his hands or lift his arms. MS had struck and his dreams crashed down. He's been confined to a wheelchair ever since.

    When we cross the finish line at each end of the bike tour, he is sitting there in his wheelchair high fiving every single cyclist that crosses the finish line. There are over 1200 riders in the tour and they cross the finish line all day.

    Weather it's scorching hot or pouring rain, he sits out there and makes sure each rider gets their high 5. He never quits because he's grateful that people are helping to cure his disease.

    If you'd like to help me support this cause, please fill in your information at this link

    I sincerely appreciate the support.


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    I am sorry I am unable to support you financially at this time but I think what you are doing is wonderful. As someone who has had MS affect quite a few people in my life I can only hope a cure is just around the corner. Don't you wish we all had the same mindset as the guy in the wheel chair? He is amazing.

    Have a really good ride and enjoy yourself too.

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    Mike, what you're doing is awesome and I appreciate you sharing your efforts with us here Keep it up!

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    I applaud your efforts, Mike.

    When I was essentially a "life manager" for people with disabilities living at home, I had a client with advanced MS. Years later, I took over a position from a woman leaving in anticipation of her baby's birth...who was then diagnosed with MS.

    God bless you.



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