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Thread: Which e-mail client do you use?

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    Quote Originally Posted by premiumweb View Post
    I use Gmail and all the things that have been mentioned are great but my favorite feature about Gmail is how it threads the messages. I don't have to look in Inbox and Sent to follow a conversation. It's all right there together and with as many clients as I have, that's a necessity for me now!
    That is why I always use the quote feature. Whether in email or posting.

    It helps keep the conversation in order.


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    Another vote for Gmail. I use it for all of my personal mail. I also use Thunderbird Mac OS X for my domain mail, and Thunderbird Windows for work mail.

    I've used and support Outlook 2003 at work, but I wanted something more lean. Thunderbird with Lightning works great for me.


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    Microsoft Outllok 2010.

    Doesn't matter what you say. It is the best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by billdotd View Post
    I use Outlook. My org skills are old school and I really like being able to nest folders.
    Not trying to change anyone. I think email software like project management tools is a highly personal choice. I'd definitely encourage everyone to use what fits their style best.

    Just wanted to throw out an FYI for anyone reading later, you can nest labels now

    We are Google Apps people here

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    Google Apps is OK, but it's not quite there yet.

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    Gmail and Google Apps Gmail for the most part, some time Thunderbird with Gmail.

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    Wow! I'm totally in the minority as I use Yahoo mail, and have for like ten years. lol.

    And I have no plans to switch, I love my client as it works for me just fine.
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    I use G-mail because most of the website nowadays are connected to G-mail, so I don't need to login anymore.

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    My friend of over 10 online years sometimes doesn't get her emails from me, needless to say that made me switch early on.

    I have's set up and pushed to gmail. Gmail has more room than anywhere else and I can log in everywhere. Of course now it's even better because my droid is set to automatically go with google BONUS lol

    I've used gmail for 8 years now and counting. I will never leave gmail.

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    I understand how you can forward your "" email to a google or yahoo etc. account. If you reply to an email from the Gmail account doesn't it show to the person that you are sending to as the gmail?

    In other words: someone sends you and email to "" and it forwards to your google account.
    You login to the google account and reply. Does your recipient see the email as from "" or the google account?

    I know this is a really newbie question but it is one I have been struggling with. Which is why I haven't set up a "" email yet.


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