Hi Jo, again, welcome to the forum.

I must say, you are quite articulate, and well suited to the print medium, so I predict good things for you.

You've done a good job of explaining the theory of social marketing, which I do understand, even though I'm not up to speed on the day to day mechanics of using these sites.

Social Media is not just a hype, it's the new way of doing business, people don't want to be sold too anymore they want information, conversation, help, support and direction and facebook does just that.
Yes, I know exactly what Internet users want.


For nothing.

I'm being silly, but there's some truth to it too, and that's kind of what concerns me about investing tons of time in sites like FB etc. Endless hours making breezy chit-chat with window shoppers is a plan that needs more than theory to back it up.

The great thing for your business now is the facebook fan page, which is truly interactive.
I do need to learn more about fan pages. I did read a long and specific article about FB's options more than once, and must say, to me, just one vote, the set up of options at FB is a hopeless muddle. But, truth be told, I'm pretty fussy about interface design.
It does take more work than google, that's for sure. To be successful you have to be present.
I'm agreeable to more work, if it leads to more results.

I'm only at the beginning of my facebook journey to be honest, I don't know much yet about how to truly deal with customers and advertise my fan page etc, but I am attending a webinar later by a guy called Chris Farrell.
I understand, and wish you great luck. Really I do, you have the knack.

All I'm really saying here is that everything I've read about FB so far is like your post, high on enthusiasm, short on real world facts.

I've seen so many things come and go in 15 years, I guess I've become a tad too skeptical. Ok, my problem, I'll work on it.