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Thread: Should I Keep Hammering the Same Post For a Target Keyword?

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    Default Should I Keep Hammering the Same Post For a Target Keyword?

    Forgive me if this is a duplicate. I could have sword I posted this question here this morning but I can't see it anywhere. I suppose I might have dreamed it

    Once I've written a KW-optimized post, submitted it to lots of article directories, and did lots of SEO stuff like blog commenting and backlink building for a few days, should I keep pushing that one page for the target keyword? OR should I write another post using the same keyword and so the SEO push anew on that one, etc.?

    Or maybe it's not a definite thing?

    Still looking for focus.



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    Seriously, this is my opinion, you may disagree:

    Forget keyword optimisatisation and creating loads of backlinks. Concentrate on original and quality content. From my personal experience, I have written artcicles, with zero backlinks and have had them indexed and got traffic as a result. We are not talking about tons of traffic, but traffic nonetheless. It goes to show, Google just indexes it, and returns it on results if it feels it's relevant.

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    Keep adding quality content on a consistent basis is key but definitely don't stop the keyword research and optimization. You want to use a different keyword phrase for each post/page. The steps you are taking are things you will need to do over and over again however not spamming of course. You don't want to submit your blog post over and over, you want to link to it from other types of content. Write an article and link out to one of your blog posts into the bio for example.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pretty bullet View Post
    ps. you cannot submit the same article to multiple directories. if your article is say at WP, that same article won't be accepted at ezines for example.
    I disagree. I do it all the time.

    The ONLY time I have ever had Ezine reject an article was when I had accidently submitted the same article twice (I completely forgot that I had submitted it already 2 days before).

    Just make sure you post the article to your website first. Then if it comes into question, you can always prove that you are the original author.

    It's just syndication.

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    It's been awhile since I setup my Ezine account, but I believe there is a spot to list any blogs or websites that you own. If the matching article is found at a site you have listed as yours, Ezine ignores the duplication.

    There is a great thread at the Warrior Forum entitled something like "Ezine or my site first" all about this. The consensus there was that your articles should ALWAYS go on your site first. Then submit them to Ezine and anywhere esle you want to.

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    What happened to you stinks.

    Well, if you're using WordPress, here's an easier answer than either of our opinions.

    Ezine has a WordPress plugin that will publish content to their site at the same time as you publish it to your blog.

    Pretty cool and a nice little timesaver.


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