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Thread: Here is an example of why it is so important to pay attention to your work

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    Thanks for sharing this. There are excellent points made here about writing and humility and story. I sometimes get lost in a bigger picture & forget the importance of details, especially for the eyes of others. It really pays to proof things and it is much easier to be excellent when you love what you are doing. I get careless when I care less... So, to care more about writing (and other stuff) is my goal now!


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    So what is a good price for someone to ask for article writing (I'm thinking EZA quality)? Do you typically take assignments by the bundle (e.g. 10 articles about how to avoid tennis elbow), and would those cost less per word than one at a time articles?

    I'm trying to get a handle on what's reasonable to ask for, and how it could fit in or replace other types of income if someone needed to replace a full-time "job" income.

    BTW Melanie, that story is funny, and a great reminder for all of us. Thanks!
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    thanks to all of you who have taken something from my story and left me with kind and understanding words.

    Anita- I do primarily work for .03-.04 a word but there are others out there that ask for and earn more. It would be nice to make more, which is why I am also a VA. Between the 2, I sit ok right now. When my 2 little ones are both in school full time, I am aiming for more.

    I do normally charge a little less per word when batch orders are done, as often you can use the same research and what not to make up the other ones that are needed so it all works out.

    It also depends on how long it takes you to write something. When I first started out over 3 years ago, it took me almost 2 hours with research to write a 500 word article. Now that same article can be done in like 20-30 mins. If I am on a roll, I could write 10 articles a day with no problems. I don't like to do that many though because I don't want to burn out or start to dislike writing. If it feels like a chore, I don't want to do it.

    It is all up to you though. I know some girls on the WAHM forum that do 20 articles a day(300-450 words), every day and don't mind it. I would get bored as well. I need to mix it up which is why I love doing the VA stuff too.

    When you are doing what you love, and have the ability to pick and choose both your jobs and clients, often making a little less does not matter so much as long as it pays the bills.

    Hope some of this helped! Good luck to all! Keep focused and stay motivated!


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