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Thread: Word Press help

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    I hope someone can help. I have been trying to install WP on our site. I downloaded it, went through and followed the instructions step by step then uploaded it to my hosting server. But it isn't working. the blog url is ""

    When you go to it you get this error message:

    Warning: main(wp-blog-header.php) [function.main]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in D:\hshome\designsb\\index.php on line 17

    I have the url set up as a subdomain of our main url ""

    If anyone can help I would really appreciate it.

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    I'm sure you did, but just checking...did you set up the subdomain through your cPanel first?
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    Let it be known that I made no comment here.


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    I think that I did Cindy. I went to the control panel and added it as a subdomain. Is that it or do I need to do something else as well. I am really feeling stupid. I have read and read what sub domains are and how to use them and I am still not sure that I really understand it.

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    I just went into the control panel and looked and it says that it is a sub domain of my main domain.

    I know that I am missing something I just don't know what.

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    Should I be seeing an icon for for WP in my control panel somewhere?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Engage View Post
    Let it be known that I made no comment here.


    Getting there, getting there!
    From the moment I saw this post, I was waiting for you to comment on the evils of WordPress...

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    Does your host offer Fantastico in your cPanel? If so, that is the easiest way to install WordPress. It's a matter of clicking a few buttons.

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    Who are you using for your web host? I ask because of the location of the file it says it cannot locate, D:\hshome\designsb\\index.php . It just looks odd to me with the D:\ . Are you on a linux host or windows host?

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    I agree that the D:\ seems odd.

    The other things I would check are the config file (make sure all that info is correct) and make sure all the Wordpress files uploaded. If you're missing a file or something got corrupted during the upload you'll get those types of error messages.

    It might also be a file permissions problem, but you'd have to do some research to see what files need what permissions.



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