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Thread: Word Press help

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    No it doesn't offer fantastico

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    Hey Courtney,

    I am using IX web hosting. I am on a windows based server.

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    Ok, I do not know what IX is using but there's a good chance Windows web hosts use Plesk to manage your web hosting. I assume at this point, you have already created the subdomain inside Plesk right? And at the time you created the sub domain you are asked to input FTP information and you probably received FTP information for that sub-domain correct?

    If all is yes up to now, then I'd say check that all files are uploaded. The best thing is to delete everything and re-upload especially since this looks like a brand new install.

    That error tells me the file is missing so I assume some files have either got dropped when you were uploading OR got misplaced.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lindastacy View Post
    It might also be a file permissions problem...
    Or possibly a group consensus problem, you might check that too.

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    Plesk? I am not sure what that is but it isn't mentioned in my IX cp anywhere or in any of the FAQ or help manual for IX.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Engage View Post
    Or possibly a group consensus problem, you might check that too.
    I have rechecked everything according to the instructions as far as all of the files being uploaded and the information that I put in the config file. That said I might have missed something and just not be seeing it.

    I think tonight I am going to delete all of the WP files redownload it and upload it again. If that doesn't work I might switch to Host Gator or one of the services with a on button install but I would really love to figure this out. I hate not learning something.


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