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    Lightbulb Wordpress Theme Generator

    After spending several hours creating a custom wordpress theme and then deleting it, I realized there must be a market here for a kind of visual design software for wordpress - a 'theme generator'.

    A search has revealed several online 'generators', but like much web based software, their options are simple. Advanced features like multiple columns, widgets, and others not supported.

    This begs the question, does an advanced Wordpress theme generator or editor exist?

    Perhaps something you plug pre-coded HTML/CSS into, and outputs compatible Wordpress files (index.php, header.php, single.php, etc).

    Thank you!
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    There is at least Artisteer, which I use to create Wordpress and Blogger themes...

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    You mean something like these?

    iThemes Builder


    Theme Generator

    I also tried one before and cannot remember the name. I think it was Elastic - but that's still very much a beta plugin. I do like Artisteer that Satu mentioned for easy of use but sadly, like most software generated stuff after a while the themes feel rather cookie cutter.

    Once you get the basic theme, adding widgets to a theme from a 'generated' theme is very easy. It's also easy to add the new 3.0 menus.


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