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Thread: Master Of Silly SEO

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    Default Master Of Silly SEO

    Please consider buying my ground breaking new ebook called...

    "How To Become A Master Of Silly SEO In Only 14 Years, Or You Can Just Forget About A Refund."

    Just think, if you carefully read through both paragraphs of this extensive tutorial, you too can dominate niches you'll be embarrassed to tell your friends about.

    As proof of my expert status at Silly SEO, look, see for yourself, here's the proof!!

    I'm ranked #2 in the world for the search term "radioactive pigs".

    If that's not enough to knock your socks off, check this out.

    I'm #1 AND #2 in the world for "farting armadillos"!!!!

    Forget about high rankings for popular search terms, big traffic and impressive incomes. That's so old hat, yesterday's news, ancient history. Don't get left behind using these out of date techniques!!

    The coming wave is Silly SEO, and you want to be ready!!

    To order now, send 2 possums, a lizard, 6 banana spiders and a mouthful of algae to our secret mailing address. You'll definitely regret it!

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    How much is your eBook?

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    ROFLMAO! LOL! LOL! LOL! You just made my day!

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    What an expression you got!!!

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    Ok, so Cindy has downed an eight pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, so she has fully grasped the awesome power of Silly SEO. You go Cindy! Burp!!

    But I know some of you still have doubts and reservations. Don't worry, this is normal any time a new breakthrough technique is released. You need more proof, ok, I get it.

    Here you go, more proof of my ability to achieve Ridiculous Rankings.

    Number 7 on Google for "homosexuality in animals"!

    This market generated a mind blowing 17 cents in sales worldwide in only 2 years!!

    Once again, I achieve total market #1 ranking dominance in the "how to eat egg with folk video" niche!!

    I am #4 on Google for the phone number 352-543-5141, and climbing fast!! Gee, I wonder whose phone number that is??? Not mine!!

    If you have ridiculous rankings too, post them here.

    Remember, boring old SEO as you've known it until now is DEAD. Dead as a radioactive pig.

    Silly SEO is the next wave!!

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    ROFLMAO! I have no personal life: can you tell? I just love creative stuff like this. Just makes me realize that I am not the only crazy person in the world - or am I?

    Phil: are you going to NAMS?

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    Is this eBook downloadable or what?

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    ROFLMAO! I have no personal life: can you tell? I just love creative stuff like this. Just makes me realize that I am not the only crazy person in the world - or am I?
    Cindy, thank you for your interest in the Silly SEO project.

    I'm a researcher for the Department of Homeland Security, Division of Insanity. It's one of my duties to seed the Internet with messages that will help us identify individuals who may pull a giant cauliflower out of their socks and toss it at President Obama's motorcade. As you know, the President has signed an Executive Order prohibiting anyone from trying to serve him cauliflower. Broccoli is out too.

    Due to your sincere response to this thread, we would like to schedule an interview with you, to determine if you might be a vegetable terrorist. Of course, this is just a routine precaution, and you have nothing to worry about. Unless of course you've been observed eating vegetables in public.

    Phil: are you going to NAMS?
    Huh? Whadshesay? Am I going nuts? Well of course, the government only hires qualified people for important positions like this.

    Seriously, I only barely know what NAMS is, and unless they are going to refocus the entire convention on Silly SEO, I see no reason to attend.

    So, the truly serious question raised by this thread (no joking now) is this...

    Whatever our niche, our audience has heard it all before. How far outside the lines of group consensus expectations dare we go in an attempt to re-engage their interest?

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    Champion, this whole thread is just a big cartoon show, and need not be taken seriously. Apologies for any confusion my creative writing exercise may have induced.

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    Radio Active pigs? wow pre fried bacon what an innovation. Or Maybe the Armadillo farts can be captured and used as a renewable energy source

    Do you have a follow up? or report on raising the armadillos?


    That was great


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