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Thread: OMG, I Have Done The Unthinkable!!

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    I thought for sure you were going to say you'd installed WordPress. :P

    Maybe next week.
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    I second Cindy's suggestion, start a WordPress site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cindybidar View Post
    I thought for sure you were going to say you'd installed WordPress. :P

    Maybe next week.
    HA, HA!!! LOL! Good one. Yes, now that would have been REAL news for sure.

    But, but, why spend minute after minute after minute installing WP, when you could code your own in just a few months?? :-)
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    Hmm, I'm now following a couple of nature publishers on Twitter. I can see they've posted new tweets since I began following them. Their new tweets don't show up on my Twitter page. Any ideas why?

    It looks like Twitter's search feature is pretty much worthless for finding nature publishers to follow. However I've had some luck doing Google searches such as "wildlife twitter".

    I must admit, Twitter is very interesting as a marketing study.

    I am positive that if I had coded Twitter and come to any webmaster forum to promote it, you guys would have yawned, ignored me, or filed a long thread with all the reasons why the project was too flawed to bother with.

    And yet, millions of people use Twitter.

    It reminds me of Microsoft Windows. The least secure operating system on the planet, that seems to generate a new wave of complaints with each version release, and yet, almost everybody uses Windows.

    Perhaps the lesson is that you can sell anything if you understand marketing well enough?

    Dunno. Mysterious.

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    Ok, sorry for the clueless newbie questions. Starting to get it, maybe.

    So only my tweets will appear on my twitter page, right?

    But if I go to HOME, or, then I see the tweets from everybody I'm following.

    If other people want to see all the tweets I'm reading, they have to follow the same people I'm following? Thus I can't really create a "nature news feed" because everybody creates their own.




    Or not.

    Could be.

    Who knows.


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    Yes, you are correct but I'm not sure what you mean about nature news feed.

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    You could sort of accomplish what you are trying to do as far as creating a "nature news feed" by retweeting interesting posts of the people you are following. Then their tweet shows up with your tweets.

    Once again, I hate Twitter for making me use the words "tweet" and "tweets".

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    Ah, thanks guys, grandpa is slowing catching on here, with your help. I had a misconception about how Twitter works, cleared up now.

    So far it looks like the best feature of Twitter, for my purposes, is that it can feed me lots of content ideas. I already have a pile of nature stories coming in, but can't hurt to have more, especially from these sources.

    Thanks for the retweet idea Mike. I'm sorry I made you say tweet! If you reply here again, just call it creep and crap, and I'll know what you mean. :-)

    Ok, next question. I'd like to use my timeline like a to do list. Examine each item, and then cross it off the list, get rid of it.

    Is there some secret super nifty way to remove tweets from my timeline one at a time? Or maybe some third party service that would email them to me one at a time? Suggestions welcome and appreciated.

    I've been on Twitter almost a week now. I'm pretty sure I'll be rich beyond my wildest dreams in another few days. If anybody needs a new house or anything, just let me know. :-)


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