Hi All!

Just got back from NAMS4. Had a great time! Looking forward to NAMS 5 in January, 2011! (Use this link until midnight tonight to get the $197 discount price!)

One of the sessions by Bob Jenkin's was called, "Fast Listbuilding." He shared the details about joining with others who have a similiar niche and list size, and following a promotion matrix so that all the partners cross promote each other weekly.

By coincidence, I happened to be sitting near two ladies who also have a decorating focus. (My decorating offering is called Decluttering for Dollars.) I brought in another person I knew who's a good fit, and we have actually approached one more person.

If you have a decorating, design, organization, and/or home interiors/exteriors type of service, or offer products that fall into this niche, please let me know. I think we can fit 1 more person into our group!

Send me a private message if you're interested!