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    Hello! My passion is swimming pools ( say). I know it's strange, but I just feel alive when I am at a pool. I would love to create a blog, but I'm not creative enough to figure out an angle for doing this. I was thinking of posting photos of fabulous pools in my area and writing about them (hotels, etc). How can I beef up that idea and how could I monetize it? Thanks so much for your thoughts.

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    Well you could have a site that sells pool supplies AND/OR you could use the angle of outdoor pool area decor, pool party ideas, pool side weddings (an actual keyword phrase which means people are looking for info) or something like that. Not sure if you could monetize just writing about pools in your area unless places like hotels sponsored your blog and paid for ad space.

    What are your thoughts so far?

    We can keep brainstorming....going to have to sleep on it!

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    Is there maybe a pool distributor or builder in your area that you might approach as an affiliate for them? Or perhaps to go along with Angies Idea Land Scape architechts? Outdoor Furniture stores?...

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    Thanks Angie! Interesting ideas. I too will sleep on it and would love to keep brainstorming. Appreciate it

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    It sounds like you are talking about large public or semi-private pools (hotels). What about pools for individuals?
    - how to pick a pool service for install/repair/maint
    - how to maintain a pool (common problems, etc.)
    - salt water vs chemical pool options (health)
    - emergency water fixes (to stabilize water)
    - pool games/toys
    - keeping your pool secure in a litigious world (fences, gates, etc)
    - etc

    It seems like there would be some opportunity in pool maintenance (affiliate) and information/training (info products).

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    Thanks for your ideas everyone!

    I really think I want to stay with the hotel/public pool idea. My thoughts are to help others find hotels/leisure attractions with great pools. I would hunt down unique ones and write about their features and post pictures. I don't mean "throughout the world" but probably initially in the Northeast, where I live, and then possibly the whole east coast. Question is how to find my audience and how to monetize? I need to do research, but I know when I research hotels the pools are only noted Y/N, but no description. Let me know what you think. Am I way off base?


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    I imagine you could make it work and use Adsense, get sponsors and even ultimately get link ON the big hotel sites possibly. Keep brainstorming though because this seems like something you really enjoy and I'm sure there will be a way to make it happen. Got to think outside the box.....yikes!

    I'm going to post this thread on Twitter to see if we can get more feedback for you.

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    Would it be possible to earn a commission from the hotels you recommend? So people who like nice pools when they travel go to your site and put in the city they are travelling to and it brings up a list of hotels with great pools and some discussion about them. Then there is a button to 'book this hotel' which takes them to the hotel itself. I don't know, I have never investigated it, but surely there is some kind of affiliate programme for hotels?

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    Eventually/or you could even think on the angle of those wanting to build a fancy home pool, people who may like to see some unusual type/size/shape pools. Then you can go into detail about them as you said you liked

    Don't honestly know if you could be an affiliate for a pool building company (referals etc)or find one but it's idea that keeps you with your passion for the actual pools....? the top of my head having read very quickly

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    Thank you all for your thoughts. It seems that there are not a ton of ways to do this. My best thought is to do a video blog showing great hotel pools with a short review. Hopefully could become a resource for other travelers. I could hope to get the specific hotels to participate, but initially I could become an affiliate for travel related items (ie lugguage, travel services, etc.). Please keep ideas coming if anyone has any. Thanks again!


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