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Thread: Which shiny object?

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    CarolGiambri Guest

    Default Which shiny object?

    On IO = information overload -- not talking here but talking best offers again. Both expire tonight.

    1. One being Jimmy D. Brown's Profit Vault -- under $100

    = $2,000 or less...

    Both different however....
    I am not saying I am purchasing any, but just saying one more choice, no really two for just tonight.

    I believe Lynn had said buy what is relevant right now. Well, both if I had to answer, but would I be in action besides the purchase and would I be implementing without support? I think AffiliateDotCom has the support, but then another $2,000 here, then there, etc. is whew....

    So how are you all choosing as sort of newbie due to lack of product generation or jv, etc.?


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    Both are probably good products. But one is is much more expensive and chock full of content than the other.

    If you ask me about which I would choose out of the two, then I would go for the first one. Jimmy Brown's Profit Vault..

    The reason being, for $2,000 I will probably get a ton of content. However, considering the price, there must be really an excessive amount of content in there.

    There's no way I would have enough time to put all that information into action without sacrificing a ton of time. So, I would go for the one with less info.

    Just a few good ideas and a ton of the right actions are all you need I guess...


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    CarolGiambri Guest


    Thanks for your awesome response. You make lots of "common" sense. I appreciate your quick response. Again thanks! I know I need the support and thought that the $2,000 gig would offer that when they said "personal coaching."


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    You're welcome, Carol.

    I have problems with just putting one or two great methods into action, not to mention a course that has a ton of them...

    If you need extra support, then it would be hard to say for sure whether AffiliateDotCom would be worth it.

    But I think most products do give basic support in the forms of forums and help desks. And I don't think Jimmy Brown's products are any exception.

    If it were me, I think I would rather use the extra $2,000 to outsource work to someone at $400 a month...

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    CarolGiambri Guest


    Infinity, Thanks again. You make total sense. Actually for outsourcing lots of places, but one great one I heard of several using at $5 only is; friend actually knew in advance her video would take some time and she agreed at $15--usually not case to negotiate and worked well for her. Thanks tons more!

    I know each program had guarantee but still $97 either to go for than $2,000! Sounds like for $2,000 lots of great learning, but still...$2,000 at moment sounds like a lot when not bringing in any $ yet.

    Infinity, what kind of business do you have?


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    Hmm... Well, my current business is based on three main business models...

    Product review sites, niche sites, and selling my own ebooks...

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    CarolGiambri Guest


    Sounds great Infinity--your business. On ebooks, can I ask which software used? For me working on ebook recipe book, got recipes and pictures almost completed. I got a few questions. Sofware vs. graphic designer. Right now gotta grow the list, but still not going to be sitting while that is happening. Have you used PLR with rights for any of your ebooks? My first one I am creating: either salads or soup and salads without any dairy fancy equipment either. (Vegan here, but still people don't have to be that-they can eat as they do and add these ideas into their meal). Thanks.

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    I'm a bit late so the offers are probably gone and you might or might not have taken an offer. I would say use what you currently already have in your arsenal of info products, memberships, etc. and don't spend any unnecessary money until you have used and implemented everything you currently have your hands on. It's tempting sometimes but you could really go in the hole by buying so many things even if they seem like a good deal at the time.

    As for your ebook, you can use to write and upload as PDF. My JV partner and I are using Courtney for some of our design needs. Definitely going to be using some PLR but not sure if it will be within the report or dripped out on a mailing list or video. Lots of potential with PLR.

    Your ebook sounds interesting. Be sure to ask your questions in the elite forum too in the Creating & Selling Info Products section.

    Hope this helps!

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    CarolGiambri Guest


    HI Angie,
    Wow, thanks. I feel like between you two I hit a double blessing. The ebook talk is close to my heart as my hubby recovered from Epilepsy by changing! No promises to others, but his story. I got my own. Regardless, fast in the kitchen and no time for lots of clean up, etc. Feeding others for reactions. (Vegan here and mainly doing raw foods, but not going to market that as limiting to those who are not familiar with these buzz words). Lastly concerned about protecting pictures. I can see some in prints and walls of Whole Foods. Not brag here, but others said same.

    PLR: I have several here, but just need to look into them. Way back joined Jimmy D. Brown program. I have lots of his materials!

    Thanks. Need to get over to Elite still! Off to Zumba for today's cardio! (private club). Aiming to do weights at my gym.



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    Aww you're welcome! A personal story is always a good thing for a product.

    On April 1st I stopped eating meat (except for fish) but I would not be opposed to eating raw most of the time, it's sounds intriguing to me.

    As for protecting images and pictures, I'm not sure how to go about that.

    And PLR, I have a ton that I need to use too.

    Have fun at Zumba!


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