I thought it would be awesome if we listed our do follow blogs so we can all go comment on each others blogs and get backlinks to our site.
List your Do Follow blog in this thread and then we can go comment on our own community blogs and get do follow links at the same time.

I will Start:

My Do Follow blog is:
Clay Franklin Strategic Thoughts PR = 3, Do Follow plug in, Keyword LUV, Comment LUV.

In case you do not know what this means.
- PR is a ranking by Google on importance of the blog.
- Do Follow means that there is no HTML tag
on your links on the post. including the web site and keyword LUV and Comment LUV links. I used Yoasts Do Follow Plug in to achieve a do follow blog. Word Press normally assigns a no follow tag to all comments.
- Keyword LUV plug in allows users to add a @ keyword next to their name on the comment.
- Comment Luv plug in - picks up the commenters last blog post and includes a link at the end of the comment.

Take action and list your "do follow blog" in this thread and then go comment on the blogs in this thread to get backlinks for SEO for your blog.