Project Concept

Use crowdsourcing to create the best beauty secrets ebook: will be used for this. Article contributors will get a free copy of the book to review & be a 50/50 affiliate.

The list we create will be used to build the social community site with Buddypress - will be used for this

We invite local businesses: salons, spas, cosmetic surgeons, etc. to be exclusive experts for their area

We offer them a free trial period in exchange for answering visitors questions etc. This should bring them new clients so that they'll want to sign-up, but we can also share 50/50 with them for referring their peers and business associates.

What do you think? Are you as excited as I am? Beauty is a BILLION dollar World-Wide Niche!

I have over 22 years of outside sales experience and can set-up wp sites and do basic photoshop graphics.

I think many people would be willing to invite their local beauty salons, spas, etc. to participate for a 50/50 split...

If you want to help us let me know...