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Thread: Obstacles to Internet Home Business

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    Default Biggest obstacle

    My biggest obstacle is time. Although I have taken the easy option and chosen a program where everything is already setup (all I need to do is generate traffic), I am still working on time management.

    I try to do the bulk of the work at weekends and so far it is working.

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    Selling items on internet has many difficulties, first how to get visitors and targeted visitors, second , how to convince them , content plays important role.

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    This quote says it all.. I don't know who said it but, I keep it posted on my monitor.

    "while agonizing over potential success, you are inviting procrastination."

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    In the nearly 17 years I have had a home based business the challenges have shifted. Initially it was developing a routine that worked for me. Then it was conditioning the neighbors that I actually did work and didn't want to take a hour here and an hour there to have coffee or go hang out.

    Next was dealing with the distractions of dishes, laundry, cleaning the house, etc.

    Next came the willingness to shift as the market shifted.

    Then came knowing when and what to invest in regarding equipment I would need to efficiently run my business.

    Then came keeping very accurate records of income and expenses in order to get the proper tax breaks.

    There is more but these are some that stand out. The most important thing I did was to run my business as a business.

    What I have listed didn't necessarily happen in the order I have it was just a quick brain unload.

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    Time management is my biggest obstacle. Besides that, the sheer volume of information out there to be overwhelmed by...that's tough to process. One thing at a time as others have said. Good luck!


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