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    Good Morning Everyone,

    I'm working on my first campaign right now. Im actually only about 2 days old in this whole Internet Marketing World, so hoping for some pointers as I am sure I have made mistakes. Constructive criticism to guide me for the next campaign to be better.

    I started my "Ask Database" yesterday for an info-product I have in mind. The info product I envision is about Cake Decorating and providing step by step directions for how to do various things. I launched my blog, using Blogger, and created my Ask Database using . I joined about 8 Cake Decorating Forums yesterday morning and posted a link to my blog, which had a link to my Ask Database page. The question I asked was "What is the # 1 thing you would want to learn about cake decorating?". I got a great response of visitors to the Blog (32 or so), but only converted 5 people to click on the link to the Ask Database and provide feedback.

    Is this a normal amount of conversion for an Ask Database??? I've got a sneaking feeling I could have made this even easier by maybe just directly pointing to my Ask Database versus pointing to my Blog, which pointed to the Ask Database. Was it one too many clicks??

    I'm impressed with the response I got, and the fact that I seem to be on the right forums to get some interest. I'm further then I ever thought I would be here, but do feel when I could have been further ahead.

    Any advice would be appreciated, and I am even willing to share the wording of the forum posts, Blog post, and Ask Database question to see if there was a better spin I could put on things.

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    I have never heard of an ask campaign so I can't help you with that. Hopefully someone else on the forum has experience with this.

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    I would have thought 5 clicks from 32 visitors is not bad - just over 6%. If you are just 1 day in, it is early days, so monitor the response, make some changes and see if that increases clicks, but keep going!


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