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Thread: Soon to Launch my product, ? about prep

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    Default Soon to Launch my product, ? about prep

    Hello everyone. I currently have a blog at Within several months I will converting the site to a product site where I will sell a 12 anger management program that people can download. Once that's up and running I plan to become a merchant and build an affiliate network.

    My basic question right now is quite broad. I am wondering if there is anything I should be aware of as I convert my site focus from a blog to a product site, in terms of anticipating issues or features I'll need when I reach the affiliate network stage. I'm going to use an affiliate program like CJ, so I won't be using affiliate tracking software or anything like that.

    Any suggestions?

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    I would keep your word press blog for news about your products, etc and create a hybrid site using wp. So all you need to do is create pages for home, products, etc and in word press set it up to use static pages. Your blog would be at

    I hope this makes sense. If you google "hybrid wordpress site", you will get a lot of info.


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    Why would you want to do that? You can harm your rankings like that, and as Steve suggested create a hybrid site...
    Good luck with the product launch!

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