I'm going to lay down my little system which is making me $200-$300 a week like clockwork just from article marketing. Here goes:

I only try to promote product with $40 or better commissions.

1. Create a Blogger blog for each CB product that you promote. We'll call this the "money site". Make the front page try to mimic the product's sales page as much as possible, but then add 8-10 other articles peppered with an affiliate link or two so it looks like an info site. I don't use Clickbank hop links. I buy a .info for every product that I'm promoting and redirect it. It will eliminate people who don't click affiliate links (and they exist, don't try to fool yourself). After you get your blog set up, put out a press release to 15-20 press release sites about the product that backlinks back to the blog.

2. Then I set up a bunch of small "linkwheels" of sorts (one for every article I write).

It goes like this:

1. Article gets published to WorldVillage. Article links back to my "money" site (the blog) and to the CB sales page using the redirect.

2. Article gets published to Squidoo. This article links back to WorldVillage article and to the money site. I usually make this Lens real nice. Add videos from YouTube, those big arrow and black box link modules, etc.

3. Article gets spun by hand and added to a bit and added to Hub Pages. Article links to Squidoo lens and to the money site.

4. Article gets published to Ezine Articles. Links to HubPage and the money site.

5. Article gets turned into a PDF and gets published to Scribd (with links to CB sales page and money site).

6. Article gets turned into a Powerpoint and posted to Slideshare and AuthorStream (links to CB sales page and money site).

7. Powerpoint gets turned into a screen capture video with CamStudio IM and gets posted to YouTube with a summary of the article in the description (links to CB sales page and money site).

8. You record each URL as you go along and then you take each URL and do the following (don't do it all in one day - do one URL per day):

1. Tweet it
2. Yahoo Buzz it.
3. Stumble it.
4. Google Bookmark it.
5. Facebook like it.
6. FriendFeed it.

9. After a few days, post it to some of of your favorite directories like ArticlesBase and GoArticles if you want. Sometimes I don't even bother.

Here are the results from last week from my article marketing campaigns only:

Total sales: $208.89 (plus one trial sale that should be billed tomorrow for another $40).

Not bad, huh?

The secret: Find good niches and do keyword research!

I call this my "Article Marketing On Steroids" method. Enjoy!