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Thread: Where Should Backlinks Point?

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    I am glad this discussion was started because I forgot to think about the page rank status when starting out with my backlinking project. It took some time for me to just figure out how and where to go to get the backlinks started in the first place but I think I am starting to get the hang of it.

    What I can never remember is how/where to check the links from my competitors so I can see how many backlinks are needed to get to the top spot.

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    Hello Ken, Look at back links also as a source of traffic. In one of my sites, I am getting 92% of all of my traffic from inside pages and long tail keywords, and only 8% form the home page. It is much easier to get the inside pages with LTKW ranked higher, and as they do, they will eventually also pull up your main page. So, I'd recommend to focus most of your link building on the inside pages, unless you are in a very narrow niche,


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