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Thread: Do You Create Content Every day?

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    Default Do You Create Content Every day?

    If you want to be successful online you need to create quality useful content every day. I am curious how many people are actually sitting down and creating content on a regular basis? If not, why? Whats holding you back?

    Take a look at Lynn's blog.. You will see a constant stream of new compelling information.

    Just a thought..

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    I create content on a regular basis BUT I definitely could do more so this is a great reminder to set aside time to do so.

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    GoodCooker Guest


    as a relative newbie...just getting my product developed and blog rolling.....i know i need to feed it content every day... or at least 3 article per week on my blog.

    I am curious as to your to where to post the content?

    Blog everyday? What about article marketing? 1 a day there...pointing to your blog?

    Any other suggestions?



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    Hey Gretchen,

    Congratulations on starting the blog. it sounds like you are off to a great start. Ok, as far as where to post content. The way I would do it for a new blog. I would post at least 3 times a week on the blog for at least a month. Then I would take those posts and rewrite them a bit and submit them to article submission sites.

    You want to have a place to drive traffic from you articles so it's important to have content on your site before you start submitting articles.

    Good luck


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    JuanSolano Guest


    Creating content is not an issue "create quality useful content" is an issue, all of us are not expert writer, we know how to write but don't know how to make other read our content, writing is an art. I try best to create some thing informative and readable for users, but success ratio is not as much as it has to be, thats why i don't spend much time on it.

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    The more time you spend, the easier it gets, I find. For example to write one article may take an hour, but I can write two in say an hour and a half. Two tricks I use are to write 2 similar articles and then use the best and submit the other to article directories and when I cant get motivated to write, to sit down and come up with ideas for content - simply a list of titles. Then when I next sit down to write, I have a list of topics to get working on.

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    I agree - Quality Content is key on a site or blog and creating lots of it is also good. I hired a Content manager for my Information site over at Parenting My Teen and she is fabulous at helping me to keep great content on the site.

    I notice that the traffic picked up shortly after hiring a good writer that could keep the content flowing nicely.

    Like Angie, I need to set more time aside for writing.

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    Yes, I create content every day for my sites and am a huge believer in the value of doing so. In fact, one of my main sites is a living case study for the long-term benefits of Content Marketing. (I offer a free, interactive 90-Day Content Marketing Challenge anyone can join on my site

    I just published September's results today:

    What's so great about it is how the results compound over time.
    Trish Nichols
    Feed Your Blog

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    Hi Members

    Lots of good content here itself
    Well my question here is How do we track which content/ Kws is getting us sales week after week
    Can anyone please guide me here


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    GoodCooker Guest


    Where did you go to find a content writer?

    Is it expensive?

    Is the increase in traffic worth the cost?


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