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    Default Twitter

    I have a twitter account with about 1600 followers but I only get about 2-3 hits from a tweet. It's just so time consuming adding and removing from my account.

    How many people are in your account?

    How many hits do you get per tweet or per day from twitter?

    I think it's probably because there are so many other people out there selling products as well so they are not inclined to click my tweets.

    Do you use a twitter program for automating following and not following?

    I have come across tweetadder and some others but I'm reluctant to be paying for this if I am currently not seeing any sales from twitter.

    Feedback appreciated.

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    I'm a bit different from the norm LOL

    I have over 1700 followers but it's for my personal brand not any specific niche although I post about all of it there. It's more about quality for me, not quantity.

    Not sure how many hits I get from Twitter. I know, I'm bad and don't look at stats like I should.

    Twitter for me is social to get to know others and network not really sell anything although I have tweeted links for affiliate products, etc.

    I do not use any automation and definitely don't follow everyone who follows me. Some people should really be embarrassed about the people that they follow....with auto follows they have no clue.

    I have heard good things about Tweetadder but it's not something I'm interested in at this time.

    Facebook has my heart *wink*

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    Thanks for the feed back Angie. I downloaded the trial version of tweetadder. It's basically all the features but a limited number of no follows and follows as well as tweets.

    I actually didn't think of that gloriajoan. I've had my account for a while so I'm sure there are quite a few non active combined with the other affiliates that happen to be on my list.

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    Don't pay unless its converting. That is my advice though...
    And i couldn't agree with angienewton more, use it to share interesting stuff there and not to advertise your service. Embed some videos from youtube related to your service and post them on your blog and then tweet

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    Never get any traffic from twitter, Twitter is social site not search engine so i think spending too much time is use less. Although i have about 1000 followers but they are as that they are not.

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    twitter is a good way to add a human relationship between your consumers and your product so don't sell to them directly.

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    Welcome to SSWT. It's nice to meet you.

    Thank you, also, for your thoughts about how Twitter work for us. Twittering is something that really will work, if we keep at it.

    I appreciate the reminder.
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    Twitter is a social networking site for those who don't have enough friends and requires random strangers. I just starting use twitter and i have many followers, follow and tweet.

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