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Thread: Opportunity To Own Your Own Site For Free!

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    Default Opportunity To Own Your Own Site For Free!

    I'm starting a Face Book type site in the Health and Beauty niche. If you'd like to be part of it 100% FREE - and earn 50% from every local Health and Beauty related business in your area (WITHOUT SELLING ANYTHING TO THEM!) get the free plan (see link below) and let me know what you think?

    Visit: to view the simple plan and see if your city is still available (remember it's all completely free - we need friendly people to make the community work - before we monetize it and split the profits 50/50)

    Imagine having your own LOCAL health and beauty community for FREE!

    You can own a site like: (FOR FREE!)

    Visit: to see the free step-by-step plan...

    You can also follow me at:

    P.S. Lynn, I'd like to personally thank you for helping me focus and finally decide on 1 project. Although I have 22 years of outside sales and marketing experience, Internet marketing was new to me (and still is really) so, I'd like to ask for your help and (if you'd like, your participation) in this project.

    It's because of you and your great group that I finally think I figured out a marketing plan that can work... But I'd like your opinion on that. You can get the plan at:

    Thanks everyone!

    George Lewis
    (note: Los Angeles And Orange Counties are already taken)

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    Did you put your review request in the elite Request a Review section? If not, please be sure to do that so Lynn will see your response.

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    Thanks Angie,

    I wasn't sure what section to put it in... THANKS!

    I hope you'll take a moment and read the unique marketing plan and can recommend it to some people who would like to have a group (regional version) like: 100% free (see the plan for details)

    I'm setting the site up with WP 1.3 + Buddypress (and will possibly need to use the multi-site option) - which I might need some help with!

    The plan can be seen at:

    Thanks again,



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