Hey guys,
So i've finally decided to take action and put all the IM information that has been leaking out of my pores for some time to good use. There are many things that overtime have finally brought me to this step.... i think one of them was fightclub (lol)... anyways
I've been reading about IM for a year or so, been present on several forums (more like stalking really..). I've bought ebooks, downloaded them, read books in the library, watched videos listened to audios, have followed gurus and know enough "secrets" to put the illuminatti to shame. But in truth they are not really secrets. There is no magical formula (that a guru is willing to share anyways) that will bring you a huge fortune in a day - unless you are gifted in something and spend months preparing for your launch day in which you make 20 million in 24 hrs (frank kern). But for the majority of us, its basic hard work - and maybe who knows you'll one day find that eureka moment and hit a gold mine.

So if you are one of those forum stalkers that have never taken action, or are just starting out, i've recently launched my blog ( www HeroFromZero net) and will be updating it with my current projects, ebooks, and random tricks i've learned over the years. My current experiment is with YouTube and it's traffic jam.

Follow Me And Wish Me Luck!